Our preserve is a managed herd sitting on 1,000 acres in northwest Missouri. We strive to protect the deer and reduce any interaction with neighboring farms that may look to hunt the younger deer. East Fork Ranch encourages hunts on the land to not only reduce the growing population of the preserve, but to help introduce new genetics from our breeding program to increase the overall size of the trophies in the preserve.


Primarily we hunt out of enclosed and elevated blinds over food sources.  Occasionally, during the rut, we will rattle bucks in and sit in ground blinds for more of an exciting hunt and allow our hunters to see bucks charging into the action. 

We also offer semi-guided free range whitetail deer with over 1000 acres to hunt and guided Turkey, Elk and Bison hunts on our 1,000 acre Preserve. Whether you are a first time hunter or a seasoned veteran, your success and overall enjoyment is our top priority. All hunts are semi guided or fully guided and include lodging and meals at our beautiful East Fork lodge which is complete with a movie theater, swimming pool, billiards table, fire pit, and 100 yard enclosed firing range.


Preserve Whitetail Hunts

Management (up to 150″) – 3 days, $2,500

Trophy (151″-180″) – 3 days, $5,000

Super (161″-210″) – 3 days, $7,500

Giant (211″-300+”) – 3 days, $10,000


All Preserve hunts are fully guided and include permits, licenses, meals, and lodging.